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A rise in burglaries and other crime, has seen a surge in the amount of home owners paying for their own private security patrols.

The amount of burglaries going unsolved in England has jumped by at least 8%. Across 29 of the 44 Police Forces, there were 308,873 burglaries reported in 2014 with 33,354 leading to a charge or summons of offenders.  In 2017 the amount of reported burglaries rose to 325,901, but the number of charges dropped to 22,378 (

The increase in crime can be attributed to the reduction of Police Officers in the UK. Between 2010 and 2017 there has been a drop in real terms in Police funding in England and Wales, which has led to 20,000 fewer officers.  The effect of fewer unresolved crimes leads to criminals repeat offending unchallenged.

Gangs also operate in organised groups to commit burglaries.  In the same way drugs lines work, whereby people on the streets commit the offences.  If they are convicted the gang leaders merely find more to individuals to take their place.  The same is for home burglaries, a prime example of this is the identification of Chilean gangs operating in the South of England.  As their teams get arrested, they simply recruit more people to fill the position.  Paying for a personal security patrol creates and overt presence and deters any potential perpetrator.

Above picture shows Chilean gang operating in our area. Home CCTV alerted us to the presence and a dog unit was deployed foiling the attempt to gain entry to the home.

Not all Police Officers see private security firms as a positive step. It is critical that any firm carrying out security patrols on estates are regulated by the Security Industry Authority, but more importantly, they remember that they do not have the same powers as the Police.  At Knight Security we understand building a strong relationship with the local Police Forces is an imperative in order to provide an effective solution for the home owners we protect.

Knight Security Group has a variety of solutions to mitigate the risk to forward thinking individuals or large estates. We have been working with residents on a number of private estates to reduce the amount of crime committed.  By deploying our solutions, we have been able to reduce the amount of crime committed year on year for homes in the scheme; from December 2017 to 2018 we have seen a 100% reduction on an estate we protect.  Converging different solutions allows us to respond to incidents within minutes and provide peace of mind to our clients.

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