Intruder Watch AI-based System

Drastically increase security effectiveness and cut security costs when protecting high value assets or residential properties and commercial premises

Intruder Watch CCTV from Knight Security is an advanced CCTV and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics System.

Simply add Intruder Watch to a digital CCTV installation for instant identification and alerts on precisely who or what is on your property.

Intelligent, economic solution for security effectiveness

Intelligent, real-time CCTV image analytics, coupled with 24/7 monitoring, instantly and automatically distinguishes between people, animals and vehicles to secure any asset or property against any intrusion. We can also isolate and monitor internal assets such as safes or artwork.

For an initial, relatively low cost, the solution can significantly reduce the overall cost of security for businesses who need the best protection for their premises, as well as for high-value residential sites.

Who should use the system?

The solution is ideal for maximising the security your commercial premises or high-value residential properties, especially where there is an existing guarding presence, or where a presence is considered desirable but not cost-effective.

Commercial applications include not just business premises, but also infrastructure, construction sites and plant.

The system is also ideal for high value residential properties, their grounds, gated communities and owners wanted to protect high value assets, such as safes or artwork.

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How it works and how easy it is to install

In simple terms this is an add-on software system that significantly enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of traditional ‘non-intelligent’ CCTV.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine-learning rapidly extract and process information to identify potential intruders. The solution has been developed by Knight Security based on software from the world’s foremost video analytics company and is proven internationally.

It is compatible with most existing CCTV systems and doesn’t require disruptive installation (i.e. no need for groundworks, hole-drilling and further cabling).

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The benefits versus traditional CCTV

  • Cuts costs by up to 50% – in both commercial and larger residential deployments, the system can reduce overall security spend

  • Unprecedented accuracy – the system’s AI capabilities mean it can automatically distinguish between people, animals and vehicles

  • 99.9% detection reliability – standard CCTV is a passive deterrent because provides intelligence to look back on; by contrast Intruder Watch is reactive 24/7

  • Instant – instantly alerts you to precisely who or what is on your property

  • No false alarms – no more repeated false alarms that can cause motion-detection CCTV cameras to be disabled at the monitoring centre, without you knowing, for up to three hours

  • Rigorous – records a 10-second video clip of what triggered the alert for analysis purposes

  • Loiter analysis – can be set up for loitering detection in areas such as perimeter fences/walls, delivery zones, car dealer forecourts etc

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