What level of security best suits your lifestyle?

How much security is enough security? As security professionals know, it’s not a question with a straightforward answer. Too little security, and vulnerabilities mount. Too much, and not only do costs mount, but there’s a risk that the security itself becomes restrictive, impacting individuals’ ability to enjoy a given lifestyle. So, what is the correctRead More

Close monitoring the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Knight Security Group has been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on our clients and the effect this may have on their security. We are actively taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff, alongside the safety and continuity of the service delivered to our clients. Knight Security Group has a business continuityRead More

Is your home or business vulnerable to ‘burglary tourism’?

Celebrity chef Marcus Wareing is a victim. So too, it is suspected, is Crystal Palace footballer Mamadou Sakho, who recently lost valuables worth up to £500,000. Many more have suffered, too, in a new crime wave stretching back to 2017. Suddenly, burglary tourism is making headlines. As indeed, it should: the wealthy people being targetedRead More

Wine Recovery Fraud

There has been an increase in Recovery Fraud, regarding fraudulent wine investments, over the past six months, with a total of 19 related crime reports recorded on Action Fraud during this period. Previous victims of wine investment fraud are being cold called by suspects to resell victims ”wine” for an insurance or shipping fee.  To find out moreRead More

Winter Driving Advice

With the winter weather now upon us, we thought it would be beneficial to our clients to have some simple but practical advice to ensure your safety whilst driving: Preparing Your Vehicle Check the conditions of your tyres (legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but in poor conditions, 3mm is strongly recommended). Refer to yourRead More

Winter Driving

Insider Threat; are you at risk?

Security has traditionally focused on external threats, without a similar level of energy being devoted to the risks from inside the business.  Any level of organisational or personal change can act as a stimulus for an individual to feel aggrieved at a perceived violation of their psychological contract. The impact of such psychological injuries canRead More

General Travel Advice

We are now coming into holiday season with the winter months encasing us and the vision of spring not too far away. With that in mind we thought it prudent to think about travel security and how that may impact on our overseas adventures. Knight Security protects High Networth individuals and their families whilst atRead More

A rise in burglaries

A rise in burglaries and other crime, has seen a surge in the amount of home owners paying for their own private security. Knight Security Group has a variety of solutions to mitigate the risk to forward thinking individuals or large estates. We have been working with residents on a number of private estates toRead More

Security Camera

Video Analytics – Smart technology that changes the game

More clients are interested in using technology to secure their property more effectively.  This can be to enhance what is already there, or a fresh installation where the client has no existing solution. A good example of an area where technology has made significant progress and can deliver real benefits is with CCTV video analytics. Read More

Security Industry Authority – ACS Pacesetter Awards

Security Industry Authority – ACS Pacesetter Awards Knight Security attended the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Pacesetter Awards this month. The event is held to recognise security providers that performed to the highest standards during their annual ACS quality audit. We are delighted that our score continues to increase each year andRead More


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