Video Analytics – Smart technology that changes the game

More clients are interested in using technology to secure their property more effectively.  This can be to enhance what is already there, or a fresh installation where the client has no existing solution. A good example of an area where technology has made significant progress and can deliver real benefits is with CCTV video analytics.  The technology has become so smart that it can really change the game in security either by adding functionality or improving efficiencies.

An example of this is our ability to use the technology itself, rather than a CCTV operative, to monitor each CCTV image for incidents.  Not only does this reduce errors, it removes wasted man hours between events that can reduce your security outlay or allow security staff to carry out more value-add activity.

With analytics, we can draw virtual borders around areas of the image at your property, be that a parking space, piece of high value art, swimming pool, etc.  Should something cross that border, an alarm is sent to a security professional located on site or remotely, who will review the event images, view live images and decide on the appropriate action.  The analytics can also pick up on heat signatures, certain types of movement, and alert only for objects over a certain size.

The analytics works best when integrated with other security measures.  For example, if an event is triggered, a remotely based security professional can securely access the security system, view live images, speak to a would-be criminal via loudspeaker to raise a warning, turn on internal and external lighting, sound the security alarm and ultimately contact the police.

Using this best practice has been proven to significantly reduce the success rate of would-be criminals.  Deployed in the right way, CCTV Video Analytics is now accessible for more people than ever.


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